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a long drawn-out entry in an attempt to fill the void

&.. if you will...

Friday-> Over Charles' at 8 am to sleep. Leave about 10:30 for machining avec Mare. (Ugh.) Interview at the Star at 3:30. Went well, i think. Envelopes & pool w/ Di around 8:00. i kicked serious ass. Leave cue club at 10 ish. Kyle calls while i'm dropping Di off. Yay for Kyle. Plan to hang out next week. Head over to Dave's for 10 minutes to say goodbye. Lots of hugs & "i'll miss you's" Yay for Dave. Home. Nothing.

Saturday-> Get up at asscrack of dawn (6:30 am) to go to Eastern Market avec Daddy. Buy lotsa vegetable plants & go to Rocky's for candy & dried fruit. Yummy. Home. Planting from 9 to 10:30 am. Oi. Shower. Get ready for party. At last minute, Di can't go. Poo. Leave about 1 ish? to go pick up Charles & Aaron. Mail Dave's first letter on the way. Head to Mare's. Depressed & stressed. Coke makes me feel better. Others show up. i have a car full of people, Charles is shotgun, Aaron Craig & Chris are in the backseat. i wonder. i follow Mare out to Whitelake, fighting w/ Charles over the radio. Not getting in an accident. Reach Uncle Paul's house. Say hi to Paul. Eat kibbie. Yum. Drink lots of Coke. Go swimming. Chicken fight Stacey & Craig. Haha i won by DEFAULT. Get out b/c it's cold. Hang out until Charles has to leave to go to work. i stayed behind w/ Mary, Craig & Aaron. Take walk to the llama farm. Do the llama dance w/ Aaron. Yay. Walk back. Sit in hammock w/ Craig & Mare. Toast marshmellows, make s'mores. Talk to Pedro! Chris & Anthony come back w/ Mary's car. i take off w/ Anthony. Drive him back to the city. We talk about Wayne & calculus & relationships. Yay. Drop him off, he wants to hang out. Ok Veltri, i'll call you sometime. Head out to Shelby to see Pedro. Hit the gas station, it was dark! AMC to see The Italian Job. Well half of it.

Sunday-> (very early Sunday morning) Drop Pedro off at his house about 1 am. Head back down to Eastpointe to Mare's house. Get to Mare's about quarter to 2. Sleep for an hour. Get up at 3 am. Go to Taco Bell. It's closed. Go down Charles' street & park to wait for him to get home. He comes home at quarter to 4. Go inside, try to sleep. But he keeps talking. Sleep finally at 5 am. Wake up at 11:15. Go home. Father's day. Go to gay Grandpa's. Eat. Drive. Home. Sleep. Wake. Draw. Nothing. Grr.

Monday-> Over Charles' again at 8 to sleep. Get up at 10 & leave. Come back home. Eat & get ready for next interview. 2nd interview at Star at 12:15. Took 6 minutes, what the hell. Went well i hope. Mail Dave's 2nd letter. Yay. Home. Chores. Dinner. Charles calls. Get depressed. Color. Write. Kyle calls. Hanging out w/ him soon. TJ calls. Hanging out w/ him Wednesday? i hope he doesn't try anything. i really hope. Think. Get depressed again. Sleep.

Tuesday-> Sleep until a sickeningly 11:00 am. i feel like shit & don't feel like doing anything. For the first time in my life, i actually feel guilty.
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