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EDIT! This was written in the wee hours of the morning while i had been drinking for a bit & i am here, now, (Sunday at 2 pm) to translate what i can. Translations will appear after each paragraph in bold

i'm a6 shkeapeare's. what did genther jusst say? uck was sueslesss. mt thuimbns are on fire. brain just called dan a fucking faggort. let's ge ito on....... colred. bp dt eeeeeew2 brina puykex i meN PUKEDbnrian wahseh his teeth out for 15 minutes im writing in my urnbal uiits supposetd ot be urinal !!! gdan gi es brian A HIGH i wanna read baouyt the your inr beull

i'm Shakespearean. What did Genther just say? It was useless. My thumbs are on fire. Brian just called Dan a fucking faggot. Let's get it on. Code red. Eeeew. Brian puked i mean puked. Brian washed his teeth out for 15 minutes. i'm writing in my journal it's supposed to be urinal (?) !!! Dan says Brian is high. i wanna read about this in your journal.

5 rock on!!!

holy fucking shiteee brian is drunking drunkeen thatn he whas evern done in this shhhha lifee. it shir;yy driu;nkng lifegenthere s[face is beneat6h the cha4i dan wants to do hbrians'a ss brian wil cmmit suideice if daN EVER does hims in the butte. *laugs* yeah bith es. fag whoot! klegs. dan just snorted.holy fcukking shite/ g\happy hanukkah fucking jewish peop.e berina says y\/ burina faboooos are you spea,ing jewish? faggot;ja l;j are you speianbge jaoooooieish

Holy fucking shit, Brian is drinking drunkener than has ever done in his shaylife (yes that's what he said). It's shay drinking life. Genther's face is beneath the chair. Dan wants to do Brian's ass, Brian will commit suicide if Dan ever does him in the butt. *laughs* Yeah bitches. Fag whoot? Dan just snorted. Holy fucking shit, happy hanukkah fucking Jewish people. Brians says Brian fabulous. Are you speaking Jewish? Faggot jail. Are you speaking Jewish.


these kids are cray!!! crawfish. fckrss. perios. on the rag. yo have gained th ecnancer. i mean CAN CER!! exlmation ioponts. brain lost ihsis hate. brian is brain. and di is dead. OH NOW!!!!! dan is reading what i type. brian is reborn as a warrirot/ cutn. )cunt) cuttin ! you guys crack me the frcuk up!! yeag btches.hwat the fu k. brina has cancer in hid ryes. what the fuck are you reakidng you idiot? guvbirs? *laugs* logsorithyms genther s is holding ht fan in dans roomm. he is sooooo passed out. he had liiek 2 drinkes. he sucks butt & man cock. fat man akckock *& cokkc & cnacr) yeah beaothces. what the fuck ia x-knoackers. i need a nother drink.brian left to go listen to music . dot do t dtoe.i think he's taking a shit.eeedan is stil realndin every think i type. what al loser. ha ha. i leaugh inhis general direciton. j havbe to epee again. i htink io'll g to ht eporn bratheroomm.


(that means bye in drunkend talke)

These kids are crazy!!! Crawfish. Fuckers. Period. On the rag. You have gained the cancer. i mean CANCER!! Exclamation points. Brian lost his hat. Brian is Brain and Di is Dead. OH NO!!! Dan is reading what i type. Brian is reborn as a warrior cunt. (cunt) Cutting! You guys crack me the fruck up!! Yeah bitches. What the fuck. Brian has cancer in his eyes. What the fuck are you reading, you idiot? Guvbirs (?) *laughs* Logorhythms. Genther is holding the fan in Dan's room. He is so passed out. He had like 2 drinkes. He sucks butt & man cock. Fat man cock (cock & cancer). Yeah beeotches. What the fuck is an x-knocker. i need another drink. Brian left to go listen to music. Dot dot dot. i think he's taking a shit. Dan is still reading everything i type. What a loser. Ha ha. i laugh in his general direction. i have to pee again. i think i'll go to the bathroom.


(that means bye in drunken talk)
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