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Butter Saver Butter User Butter Butter

OI. i'm so fucking tired i can barely type. But i'll try b/c Daddy'll be home soon & i have work tomorrow from 1 to God knows when. oi.

Today. Work... fun fun. Then the mall for bhlakis. Then home, then to Ambs' then to Di's party. This is where i became known as Butter Saver b/c i don't use all the butter in those little packets on my rolls. i only use some. So i'm Butter Saver. Ambs is Butter User, & Di Di's.. well i dunno. ima just call her Butter Butter. Food was good, lotsa talking & catching up & shite. Oi...ow i have the fuckin hiccups & they hurt....

After we left the party (around 10) Ambs & i went to Taco Bell to see if we could get free pop from Charles. No free pop but i did get to see him. Sorry but he looks damn good in his lil Taco Bell hat, mmm hmmm.. Ok..nevermind. i'm sad b/c i can't see him until fuckin SundaY! when we go to the zoo? i think? ok. But he'll call me tomorrow before work so yay.

i miss Dave. i sent his 4th letter today.. well Ambs was the one who actually put it in the mailbox.. you get the idea. Oi.

i say oi a lot. Now i must go b/c i'm dying of exhaustion & hiccups. Ow fuckin a. Ambs update about the "plague-erism"... yep our own word, hell yeah.

ok that's all.

*falls asleep on keyboard*

*wakes up & remembers she needs to put current mood & music*

Damnit. i'm awake... fuck .
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