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Eee hEe hee

i just wanted to see the new pictures & how they looked. Yay! i love .jpg! Ok, so i have nothing to say. Yesterday was quite atrocious, first Mary, my long lost other half, called me out of the blue.. i wonder why? Was you poor Jackass busy? Grr, anyway, i didn't call her back b/c i didn't feel like dealing w/ her whiny shit. Later i guess she & Chris invited me & Charles to go see Finding Nemo w/ them. Since when in the hell does she start inviting us anywhere? Augh. So of course we didn't go b/c i was being a bitch. SO there.

The talk w/ Dave was... eh...i said what i wanted to say. But i think i made him feel like shit. Oh well, i guess he deserved it in a way...? But then again... i was pretty harsh. i know we're still friends.. i'ma try to see him tomorrow sometime.. but... he told me i mean "everything" to him.... uh. That one got to me...

Sooooo... after that, i called Chaz to tell him i'd be leaving soon & he was like, "Why aren't you leaving now?" Ugh, the impatience of that boy... so when i tried to leave then my dad caught me & was all like, why are you leaving so early..? AND THEN my mom calls & bitches me out for not having a job & not caring. WELL FUCK THEM ALL.

Getting to Charles' i hoped i'd be able to just go downstairs, curl up on the couch & not have to do anything. UGH but NO, he wanted to know what was wrong! So i told him everything... & basically his answer was "to not let them get to me," which is fine advice for my parents.. & Mary... but for Dave? & of course Dave is the one person in my life that i care so deeply about that Charles would rather see dead. SO he has no sympathy. He's fucking glad that he's leaving, & it's tearing me to pieces. Everything is. It's just all going to shit.

The rest of last night wasn't so bad.. good ass dinner & chocolate.. The Green Mile. Good movie, too. But....ugh. i say that a lot.

Today is nothing.

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