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here's to the f*cking night

Why did i just censor my own god d*mn subject title thingy? i dunno. Sometimes the little asterisks look fun. Anyway, yesterday sucked my ass off... as i'm sure you could tell. Hence, the 3 entries about nothing. Gar. Last night i planned to see Charles, you know, go over his house, watch a movie, bitch to him about everything because i can... but he got called into work at the last minute. Thank you, you god damned Taco Bell. So those plans were cancelled. i decided i'd just stay home, not call anyone (b/c i didn't feel like dealing w/ people) & cuddle up w/ my Butcher Boy & just read for eternity. As luck would have it, i read about 10 pages & the phone rang. Guess who it was! Kyle!! Yay!!! i hadn't seen him since prom & i hadn't hung out w/ him, like just "us," in about... God it had to have been about a year and a half. So out of the blue he's just like, "Hey, come over. We'll hang out, just the two of us." i was so glad to hear that... since everything w/ Mike & i is fucked up the ass, & most of Mike's friends whose company i really enjoyed (Kevin, Troy, etc) either hate me/ dislike me/ are apathetic towards my existence. But not Kyle! Nope, i got my ass over to his house & the party started.

Ok so it wasn't a party. We made an 8:45 mall run (we had like 2 minutes to shop) & Kyle bought a new earring. Then we went to The Java House & chilled for a good hour, him pouring sugar packet after sugar packet into his tea, & me sipping away at my mocha espresso. MMm yum. Good times, i tell you what. Afterwards we went back to his house & chilled in his driveway for about 10 minutes, & then i had to go. For just hanging w/ Kyle, i had a really great time. We promised we'd hang out again soon, & that we'd keep in touch, especially when we both (hopefully) move out to California. *sigh* i know they're just dreams, but hell. i'll do it someday.

So today.. Sare's coming over & we're gonna go shopping for MORE father's day shite. Dave's calling me after he gets home from skool since we didn't have a chance to talk last night... hehehehe... but yeah. This should be fun. But not really. Then later i'll be heading over to Chaz's for.. well.. you know. We have a bet going though... if he falls asleep while i'm over there tonight, he has to buy me ice cream. If he doesn't fall asleep... then... i have to.. well... tell someone something. i agreed. Why the hell not? i don't have a damn thing to lose.

So obviously i'm better since yesterday.. Kyle really brightened up my day, & knowing today i'll be gettin out.. & i have a job interview on Friday! So hopefully i'll be gettin something soon so i can save up for tattoos/ piercings/ clothing/ CDs/ gas/ & finally grad skool. Ugh. Other than that.... i've just... ... i dunno yet. Let me finish that statement later.
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