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"My blood hurts."

Sorry, i'm not obsessed. Ok yes i am. Crotch! & i just had to throw that in there. Man, i'm beat.

So yesterday was amusing. i got to drive my own car, finally! i went picked up Dave & we got lost going to Parkadoon, but then i was afraid so we went to Spindler. That was fun, except when he picked me up & threw me off of the jungly gymie thingy. Oh well, i was all sandy & dirty & stuff. Grr. i'll get him back. i tried to leave w/o letting him in the car, but he jumped on my hood as i started driving away & i really didn't wanna kill him. Then we talked & stoof... makes me sad that he's leaving.. damnit. Oh well.

The rest of the evening was pretty pointless. My mind was swimming, again.. it was krazy. Besides the fact that carnival rides are not good if you have a sinus headache type thing in the first place...but last night was just.. no good. & then... well, nevermind.

i discovered last night that i am an alcoholic. Aww, fuck. At age 18, everybody. Damnit. i know, i'm fucking screwed. Yes, i know when to say no.. but ... damn. i suck.

So today i'm going down to Wayne w/ my sis to go job hunting b/c man, i need one of those. UH.

i want to keel over & die.

*oof* & there i go.
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