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Everybody! Everybody! Ok a lil bit o homestarrunner for yas.. so last night after updating, i went in search of this old ass survey that i did almost 2 years ago (June 8, 2001) & i thought it would be funny to post it just like it was back then... you can so tell.. it's all, Donald-ing & stuff. So take a look. & then later, i'll update it & see how i've changed in 2 years... i know, i'm just really bored.. but it keeps me amused, so yay...

~From June 8, 2001, 10:08 pm~
[01] What's your first name? Kathryn (shut up)
[02] Middle name? Marie
[03] Last name? Stephens (haha..soon to be)
[04] Nicknames? Katie Kate Kates Midget Minion (I'm everyone's bitch) Circle Skank Gruffy Mushroom..oh lots more
[05] Age? 16
[06] Sex Gender? Im an it
[07]Birthday? Mar 23 85
[08] Your sign? Aries
[09] Where do you live? D-Town..well in a week
[10] Do you have a boy/girlfriend? fiance
[11] If so what's her/his name? Donald
[12] Have you ever been in love? I think so..yeah I have
[13] Who are/were your crushes? um..Mary? No, Donald
[14] Do u have any piercings.or want any? Yuh huh but they don't really count
[15] If so what do you have/want pierced? Got my ears twice..want more in the ears, belly button, lip & eyebrow like 10 times
[16] Do you have a tattoo or want one? Nope..yeah I guess
[17] If so what kind and where? I want like a ton, of whatever's on my mind that day..wherever I like..dunno
[18] Where do you shop at the most? I don't. I'm poor & spend all my money of food
[19] What color is your hair? Ask Mr. P. Uh..first 2 strands are blond..then its reddish..ish..Mr. P says strawberry blond...but if Mary gets a hold of it it'll be red or blue or any other color we think of
[20] What color are your eyes? light brown
[21] How tall are you? 4'9"..legal midget & proud
23] Do you smoke? Used to..it's bad don't do it
[24] Do your friends smoke? Not really..sum..not all..nor most
[25] Who are your closest friends? Mary Rachel Stevo & Donald
[26] Who are your friends? My bitches..oh you want their names? Mary Donald Stevo Rachel Amber Diana Lauren Karolyn Liz Jenna Jamie TJ Ghetto Steve (ish) Chris Aaron Craig Anthony Charles Danny Nolan Aja...& I think that's all. Wanna be my friend?
[27] Who are your best friends online? Uh..I only talk to Rachel & Stevo online..sometimes Amber Liz Diana Donald Aja Ian Karolyn & my sis...Leah...& Greg! ha
[28] Do you like Bath & Body Works? It's just smelly stuff
[29] Kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? Whatever's in the shower
[30] Is your hair short or long? Long as a mutherfucker
[31] Do you like to shop? I would if I had money
[32] What sports do you play? I skate..in a circle..ha! circle
[33] What turns you on? Donald..his tongue rings...Donald, in general..Mary..her large cock..Stevo..his sexy bod..and sandal thongs (haha..ok only Steve'll get that one)
[34] What turns you off? Uh..no I'm not gonna type it that's mean
[35] What place do you go for fun? Mary's room, whoo! Naw, my room provides solace, Mary's for sex (ha), Rachel's for memories, Donald's for..him..& round Eastpointe for just chillin, concerts, skatin...wherever
[36] What do you do for fun? Fuck Mary (ok I really gotta quit)..I chill..I eat..drink pop..listen to tunes ..skate...write...draw..sleep...Donald...ha
[37] How many phones do you have in your house? a lot actually..like 5
[38] How many TV's do you have in your house? 2 and neither work..no tv for over a month!
[39] What's your favorite foods? chocolate Coke pizza & pizza rolls Italian stuff & seafood
[40] Do you look like anyone famous? I was once told I look like the chick..Julia Stiles or sumthin..but I don't...I look like a katie
[41] Do you think Ricky Martin is muy guapo (very handsome?) Oh yeah...he bangs he bangs ya know..ok NO
[42] Who are the most attractive people you know? personally? Donald..Mary (jokin) ..Donald.. ok Justin's kinda hot & so are other people but Donald's the best
[43] Are you a virgin? ...no comment...
[44] Do you wish to be like your parents? My ma's a crackhead & my dad is a Pocahontas-penis w/ a beard. You decide!
[45] What cologne should a hot guy wear? Do you think I pay that much attention?
[46] What are you listening to right now? EvE 6
[47] What time is it? 10:35 in da pm
[48] How many hours per day do you spend talking on the phone? Depends..like old people diapers
[49] Do you have your own phone line? No I'm not that popular
[50] Have you ever kissed someone of the opposite sex? Yah
[51] What are your favorite shoes? Either my ghetto old Airwalks or my ghetto new muddy Airwalks..the only shoes I wear
[52] What kind of clothes do you sleep in, if any? clothes I was wearin that day..usually
[53] What's your favorite soda? SURGE but they stopped makin it I'm pissed..next to that Mountain Dew & Coke
[54] What things do you say a lot? Um...uh..nyah..wiggle wiggle...STEWART!!..oh fuck me..all quotes from MST3K's "The Final Sacrifice," "Dennis the Menace" & "SLC Punk"
[56] Who is the coolest person in the world? Donald Mary Stevo & Rachel all tie fer first..Ghetto Steve too just b/c he's kool
[57] Do you think you're weird or funny? Neither...I'm...me
[58] What would you pefer Thong or Bikini? I don't wear bathing suits...well...maybe...no
[59] Who was the last person you called? um..my mom actually..ha!
[60] Where do you wanna get married? my old church..St. Matt's in the ghetto
[61] Who is the hottest girl/guy in your school? Mary..& Mr. P...ok hi I go to an ALL GIRLS SKOOL HERE..the previously named people were a JOKE
[62] What are your favorite girl names? girls suck
[63] What are your favorite guy names? Um. Tre. Hahha
[64] What's your worst memory in the past 5 years? ...Apr. 29th 1999...
[65] What's your favorite childhood memory? the tree the Plum Pit Walgreens Great Skate (its sad I know) Kennedy Park the eggroll & Zs. hanson. not just a memory..
[66] What is your favorite fast food restaurant? Taco Bell & Wendy's
[67] Who do you really hate? hmm..racist people..people who treat other people like shit..but no one in particular
[68] Do you have any brothers and sisters? one sis of my own family...& then I have 2 more sisters & a brother
[69] If so, names? Sarah...Mary..Nickie...Joe (ha)
[70] Do you have a pool? it died
[71] Do you have a spa? no
[72] Are you stupid? not many people think so..I don't
[73] What are you addicted to? chocolate..pop..livejournal...ha
[74] Do you like jewelry? makes me look pretty
[75] Who do you wish you were? damnit...myself
[76] Who has it easier, boys or girls? don't know, I'm neither..
[77] Would you rather be short or tall? Ehehehehe.... trick question? SHORT DAMNIT
[78] Do you like to dance? oh yeah ..the WIGGLE DANCE!!!
[79] Do you like playing pranks on people? Only when they deserve it
[80] What's your least favorite subject in school? Bio. Ms. Marra's a bitch..but skool's OV-A now, yes!!
[81] What's your favorite subject in school? Lit & le Francais
[82] What time is it? 10:56..pm
[83] What college do you wanna go to? ha UCLA
[84] What school do you go to now? gayness. Regina Mundi
[85] Do you have a Playstation or Nintendo 64? no
[86] If so, what are your favorite Playstation or Nintendo 64 games? um I don't have one..but I like the TMNT game..& I like watchin Donald bust his ass on Tony Hawk..haha
[87] Do you sleep a lot? more than I should
[88] Whats your favorite radio stations? most of em suck. 89X, 94.3, the WRIF
[89] Are you a night person? uh huh
[90] Are you a morning person? nope
[91] Whats your favorite TV station? I don't watch tv..but if I did..SCi-Fi COmedy Central & MTV 2 even though it's gay
[92] Do you shave? yah
[93] How often do you shower? every mornin & sometimes more..w/ Mary..NOT REALLY
[94] Do you get along with your parents? see # 44
[95] What room do you spend the most time in? my room, the bitty room, Mary's room
[96] How many rooms does your house have? 9
[97] What do you wanna be when your out of school? a cinematographer/director/producer
[98] Do you curse a lot? ish..when it's necessary..or when I'm pissed off
[99] Are you ticklish? heh..no comment..
[101] What are you wearing right now? an 89X tshirt, my big ass new blue jeans, no shoes or socks b/c they're evil..& I'm naked b/c I have hardly any jewelry on
[102] Do you go to church? when they make us in skool
[103] Do you like the person who sent you this? she's a racist bitch...& I stole it from her
[104] Do you believe in God? yesh
[105] Do you like to watch PDA? only Mary's & my videos...haha
[106] Do you show PDA? um..I'm going out w/ Donald. I never noticed.
[107] Do you believe in love at first sight? Kinda sorta
[108] What color tooth brush do you use? it's purple & gay
[109] How many times a day do you brush your teeth? 2 er 3
[110] Who is your favorite cartoon character? Beavis Kenny (South Park) & Bart Simpson is hot as hell
[111] Do you have a job? no why do you think I'm always broke?? Oh wait Mary pays me for..um..nevermind
[113] What's your favorite fruit? Raspberries are the shit
[114] What's your favorite veggies? green beans hell yess
[115] What's your favorite candy? TWIX oh fuck yeah
[116] What was the best day of your life so far? Hard to decide..so many...all the times w/ Keith or Rachel or both...most days w/ Mary..day I met Donald & everyone else.. Warped Tour last year.. Jan. 15 2001..May 12 2001...today...
[117] What are you gonna do today? Sleep drink & get fat
[118] Are you momma's little angel? no
[119] Do you wear body spray? does Febreeze count?
[120] Who is the sweetest girl? Mary & Rachel though they're not girls..so Diana & Amber
[121] Who is the sweetest guy? Donald & Stevo
[122] Are you wearing nail polish now? no
[123] If so, what color? fuck me
[124] How many rings or necklaces do you own? a ton but I usually wear 2 rings & 5-6 necklaces
[125] Do you wear a watch? no
[126] Did/Do you have braces? no...no
[127] Are you tired? a bit..but I can pretend I'm not
[129] Do you have freckles? not at the moment..those things just pop up on me sumtimes
[130] What are you thinking right now? how thirsty I am & how pathetically long & gay this thing is
[131] Are you having fun? it's keeping me busy for a bit that's all that matters
[132] What time is it? 11:14 pm
[133] Who makes you laugh? almost anyone..Donald Stevo Rachel Mary & Amber the most though
[134] Who's your favorite teacher? Moscotta & Mr. P & I miss Ms. Coddens the man!!
[136] What is the best concert you have ever been to? Warped Tour 2000, Fuel, 3DD & Fuel, 89X Birthday Bash..oh yeah & Hanson..nyah!
[137] What is your favorite dream? w/ the men & the 2 foot long penises flapping in the wind..don't ask!
[138] What is your worst dream? the same one..skary as hell!
[139] Are you tired of filling this out yet? yea but I'm bored so I'm still doin it
[140] Who of your friends do you think will get bored with this? what the fuck no one's gonna waste their time readin this peice o shit
[141] Who sent this lovely survey to you? I told you I stole it
[142] What's your worst memory as a little kid? didn't we already do this one?
[143] Have you ever cheated on anyone? yeah..not proud of it
[144] Do you believe in Santa Claus? he's my bitch
[145] Do you believe in ghosts? they're my bitches too
What's Better? Choose one or neither

[146] Rap or R&B? as long as I know the words I like it
[147] Pop or Rock? Rock..
[148] Rock or Metal? both
[149] Classical or Jazz? classical
[150] Hanson or Manson? both
[151] KoRn or 311? both
[152] No Doubt or Garbage? eew
[153] Jewel or Fiona Apple? i can dig fiona
[154] Offspring or Nine Inch Nails? both
[155] Sugar Ray or Tool? both but Tool's god
[156] Backstreet Boys or 'N SYNC? NSYNC BABY OH YEAH
[157] Joey McIntyre or Jordan Knight? Mac-in-tires

Your Opinions

[158] What do you think about Boy Bands? as long as I can sing & dance to it I'm kool
[159] What do you think about Country? um. I don't like it but other people do
[160] What do you think about Heavy Metal? kool shit
[161] What do you think about Rap? s'alright..DMX baby!!
[162] What do you think about R & B? as long as I can sing..oh you get the idea
[163] Do you think NKOTB are coming back? um..I miss the old NKOTB.."o o ooh o o ooh...the right stuff" Hell yeah.
Yes or No or Eh :).

[164] Yes or No. Like Hanson? you bet yer ass
[165] Yes or No. Like *NSYNC? catchy
[166] Yes or No. Like Backstreet Boys? not as good
[167] Yes or No. Like KoRn? sellout poseur band but kool
[168] Yes or No. Like Orgy? men w/ makeup=sexy, orgies are fun too ya know
[169] Yes or No. Like Sugar Ray? sum
[170] Yes or No. Like Metalica? YAH
[171] Yes or No. Like No Doubt? Old stuff's alright...new stuff can suck my ass
[172] Yes or No. Like Britany Spears? haha no
[173] Yes or No. Like Aaron Carter?? haha he's small
[174] Yes or No. Like B*witched? wut the fuck? no
[175] Yes or No. Like Joey McIntrye? nice voice
[176] Yes or No. Like Jordan Knight? turtleneck
[177] Yes or No. Like Busta Rymes? funny as hell
[178] Yes or No. Like Offspring? Fuck yeah
[179] Yes or No. Like Ricky Martin? sexy..kidding!
[180] Yes or No. Like Coolio? not really
[181] Yesor No. Like Janet Jackson? its ALL FOR YOU!!!
[182] Yes or No. Like Spice Girls? oh my god they're old...SPICE UP YOUR LIFE BABY!!!!
[183]Yes or No. Like All Saints? catchy
[184]Yes or No. Like C-Note? um..probably not
[185] Yes or No. Like 98*? catchy
[186] Yes or No. Like 5ive? since when did 5 become an F?
[187] Yes or No. Like TLC? annoying
[188] Yes or No. Like Take 5? um...? no
[189] Yes or No. Like Moffats? sexy...um..I dunno
[190] Yes or No. Like Jennifer Love Hewit? gag me
[191] Yes or No. Like Dixie Chicks? echhhhh yucky
[192] Yes or No. Like Mariah Carey? good songwriter
[193] Yes or No. Like EYC? uh
[194] Yes or No. Like Brandy? no
[195] Yes or No. Like Eminem? yah
[196] Yes or No. Like Shaina Twain? no
[197] Yes or No. Like Monica? don't remember who she is
[198] Yes or No. Like Mya? she's small too
[200] Yes or No. Like Blessed Unions of Soul? wow they're still around? yea
[201] Yes or No. Like Bared Naked Ladies? funny guys
[202] Yes or No. Like Robbie Williams? conceited
[203] Yes or No. Like Sixpence none the richer? naw
3 MORE] Yes or No. Like LIMP BIZKIT? sexy...yah..old skool shit more though
[203a] Yes or No.. DO you like the Beach boys? classic
[203b] Yes or no.. Do you like Def Leppard? classic
[203c] Yes or no.. Do you like Whitesnake? ha! Winger
[203d] Yes or no.. Do you like Queen? hell yes
[203e] Yes or no.. Do you like Elton John? talented


[204] How many Cd's do you have? uh maybe 70-ish
[205] What Cd's are in your CD player? the one in my room or the one in here? probably Staind in my room..here...uh...Offspring's Ixnay
[206] How many tapes do you have? millions & billions
[207] Do you own videos of your favorite group? Hanson Sum 41 & a buncha taped shit of kool bands
[208] Do you record your favorite group when they're on tv? used to
[209] Are you obbsessed with your favorite group/singer/band? ish..and that's bandS
[210] What's the oldest group/singer you are still listening to? Probably the Who
[211] Are most of your friends music freaks? I dunno
[212]What do you think of the girls and the whole teeny bopper thing? used to be one..haha
[213] Have you ever paid for a pay-per-view? what kinda gay question is that? NO
[215] Do you ever buy merchandise of your favorite group? if I have money
[216] What TV station is better...MTV or VH1? damnit no tv...but..um..neither
[217] What is the worst show on Mtv? almost all
[218] What is the best show on MTV? I miss Beavis & Butthead & Sifl & Olly
[219] If you could marry any music person who would it be? Donald. He's musical
[220] What is the worst CD you own? uh...the broken Mariah Carey one in peices on my floor..I still own it!
[221] What's your favorite movie Soundtrack? A GOOFY MOVIE!!!!!


[222] Friend(s) that looks most like you? Uh well I'm considered Mary's other half so..I dunno. Her.
[223] Friend(s) you go to for advice? Mary Stevo Rachel & Donald
[224] Friend(s) you have the most fun with? Donald, Mary & the guys, Stevo, Rachel & her guys
[225] Friend(s) you can do nothing with and still have fun with? Mary..but we do stuff...we fuck!
[226] Friend(s) you've dreamt about? Probably all
[227] Friend(s) you tell your dreams to? Uh. Anyone who cares.
[228] Friend(s) you tell your secrets to? Those to whom it relates

[229] Boxers or briefs? boxers...or none at all. ha
[230] Long or short hair? um. Donald's.."fro"
[231] Dark or blonde? uh Donald. Probably considered dark. (no offense, I love you)
[232] Tall or short? tall...as all hell
[234] Mr. Sensitive or Mr. Funny? Donald. Both.
[235] Good guy or bad guys? Donald. I don't understand the question.
[236] Dark or light eyes? Dark...Donald...hehe
[237] Hat or no hat? I don't think he can wear a hat..he wears a visor
[238] Ears pierced or no? yepp..& everything else
[239] Tan or fair? um..Donald. He's black.
[240] Freckles or none? he doesn't have any
[241] Stubble or neatly shaved? nice goatee goin on the chin area
[242] Rugged outdoorsy type or sportsy type? uh Donald. He's...um...skatey.
[243]All american, homey G, or grunge? Donald. He's...um..evil inside..& stuff.
[244]...there was no question 244...oh well
[245] Accent or American? sure. he does both

On preferences

[246] Mt. Dew or SURGE? SURGE
[247] McDonalds or Burger King? grease. Burger King
[248] Coke or Pepsi? COKE COKE COKE Ima cokehead I swear
[249] Rather marry the perfect lover or perfect friend? Donald. He's both & everything else.
[250] Sweet or sour? oooh
[251] Chocolate or vanilla? yummy in my tummy
[252] Tea or coffee? eww hot drinks are yuck
[253] Sappy/action/comedy/horror? anything & everything except those gay chick flick teeny bopping peices of shit cinematography wastes of film
[254] Cats or dogs? both & everythin else
[256] Cooler Ranch or Nacho Cheese? nacho cheese
[257] Mud or Jello wrestling? ooooh..both kinky
[258] With or without ice-cubes? WITH WITH WITH
[260] Milk/Dark/White chocolate? uh..chocolate in general kicks ass
[261] Shine or rain? lil of both
[262] Top or Bottom? whoah
[263] Favorite season? summer & fall
[264] Strawberry or Cherry? cherry
[265]Skiing or boarding? Boarding
[266] Biking or blading? both
[267] Cake or cookies? ooooh yum let's be fat
[268] Cereal or toast? toastest w/ the mostest..except for Lucky Charms Trix Cinnamon Toast Crunch & Coco Puffs...cereal sex!!!
[269] Car or truck? wheels & an engine..sumthin that moves
[270] Night or day? both good..night's best though
[271] Gloves or mittens? my hands get rather cold
[272] Pager or Cell phone? Mary's cell...no one could live w/o it
[273] Bunk bed or waterbed? Waterbed..hah
[274] Chewing gum or hard candy? hmm. whatever keeps me occuppied
[275] Motor boat or canoe? what the fuck
[276] Lights on or off? Off..whoo

What's your favorite?

[277] What's your favorite color? green & black
[278] What's your favorite Number? 26
[279] What's your favorite Drink? Surge Mountain Dew Coke Sour Apple Pucker & Mike's
[280] What's your favorite Animal? Mary..kidding..dog
[281] What's your favorite Holiday? Halloween
282] What's your favorite Quote? oh lots..too many to type...um....."Mmmhhhaaaammmmmyyy, yyyeeeaaahhhhh!!!"
[283] What's your favorite Sound? Donald's voice
[284] What's your favorite Ice cream flavor? vanilla w/ like..toppings & stuff
[285] What's your favorite Song Ever? lots. "When I Come Around," "FOD," "All by Myself," "Macy's Day Parade," -Green Day, "Me," -Staind, "Sunburn," & "Shimmer" -Fuel, "Gone," -Showoff, "I'm Sorry," -Blink, "Kryptonite," -3DD
[286] What's your favorite Book? Butcher Boy, Pigman, Lord of the Flies
[287] What's your favorite Movie? American History X, SLC Punk, Goofy Movie, Detroit Rock City...TONS more
[288] What's your favorite TV show? I DON'T WATCH TV DAMNIT!!!!!! but Sifl & Olly. & WISHBONE!!
[289] What's your favorite Radio station? uh..89X I guess
[290] What's your favorite Place? in Donald's arms, his room, my room, Mary's room, anywhere w/ my friends
[291] What's your favorite Game? Risk..& 13 Dead End Drive!! ha
[292] What's your favorite Scent? uh...Donald..he has a scent...sorta...yum
[293] What's your favorite Food? isn't this a lil redundant?
[294] What's your favorite Shape? Oh my god no
[295] What's your favorite Texture? uh..? skin
[296] What's your house gonna look like? Ima live in a box. No...however Mary & I design it.
[297] Where are you gonna live? anywhere w/ Donald & Mary & my friends...hopefully California or New York..but I'll probably end up stayin here...ech...
[298] How many kids do you want? none...but it's probaly inevitable..so only 1 & it better be a boy & he better be kool as hell

On relationships

[299] What does your ideal girlfriend/boyfriend look like? Donald. Exactly like him. Change nothing.
[300] How do they act? Like Donald.
[301] Where is your dream date? Amusement park,
concert, a movie, dinner..& you can imagine the rest....
[302] Do you like to call or be called? called upon
[304] Move anywhere, where would it be? California
[306] What time is it now? 12:14
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